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Little Vade Mecum for the Growth Objector

By Yves-Marie Abraham, HEC Montréal
May 2011

1. What is degrowth?

In summary, degrowth is a call for a radical break from traditional growth-based models of society, no matter if these models are "left" or "right", to invent new ways of living together in a true democracy, respectful of the values of equality and freedom, based on sharing and cooperation, and with sufficiently moderate consumption so as to be sustainable.

2. Why extol degrowth?

Because infinite growth in a limited world is impossible, degrowth will be imposed anyway sooner or later; it's better to choose than to be forced.

Because growth is not keeping its promises to improve our collective wellbeing.

Because the quest for continued growth is exhausting.

3. Why be against sustainable development?

4. Why do we need the word "degrowth" (or "décroissance")?

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